July 22, 2012

Building A Clean Boost Inspired By The Deep Blue Delay Buffer

I had modded my deep blue delay clone for a volume control because I heard about volume drop issues, though I have none of them, but I really like the clean boost it gives me.
Unfortunately I barely use the boost because I don't want the volume jump when turning on the DBD. So I thought I'd try the buffers w/ volume mod as a standalone boost, giving me more flexibility for lead boosting, etc.
I extracted the buffer circuit from the DBD schematic including the volume control (which I upped to a 50k to give a little more boost than my DBD clone). The cool thing is, if this is turned to 0 on the volume, it simply acts as a unity gain buffer:

Based on that I drew up a stripboard layout (my first real layout, yay!). The goal was to keep it simple, not pretty, and to fit into a 1590A, because I believe saving real estate on a board on something as simple as a clean booster is of a higher priority. It turned out quite well, and there are no stand-up resistors, which I prefer:
This one is verified and sounds quite good! I really like it! Here is a picture of my finished build: