March 1, 2012

Building A Clone Of The Honey Bee OD

A week ago or so, I finished building a Honeybee clone. I went with the madbean pcb (discontinued) and bearfoot version of the circuit. The enclosure is a brush-painted Eddystone in gold/apricot with a adhesive decal and clearcoat on top. Here is a photo after the box was clearcoated. The decal was made full size including the knob, led, and switch locations.

As of yet, it is missing an orange LED and proper bezel that are still in the mail. Sorry for the rip-off font DonneR, but don't worry, i will not give this one away, ever.

Knobs are from Tayda. I prefer them to the originals actually. Those can be ordered here by the way. (TK-1124-6MM). They are 6mm knobs and won't fit the 1/4" shaft of regular alpha pots though. Here is a gutshot. 
That's about as neat as I can go, so far. Notice that I used 1n4148 diodes instead of the 1n4007 the original uses, as I socketed the diodes first while forgetting that the 1n4007 have thicker legs that won't fit the sockets. I might try to tack solder thinner legs to them later on.

Update (May 9, 2012): Finally completely finished this pedal. I installed an orange LED and changed the 1n4148 diodes for 1n4004 (i didn't have 1n4007s but they should be identical) and I prefer them to the 1n4148s. The 400X are smoother and compliment this pedal very well. I can see why Björn prefers them in this circuit.

Here's a picture:

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