February 5, 2012

First post

Hello. This is my first entry for this new blog that I made. Lame entrance, I know, but this is in fact my first blog ever. I have never done this before, so don't be too hard on me. 

I started doing this almost two years ago, and have been mostly building dirt pedals which included a few opamp overdrives (OCD, TS, Timmy, Klon), a few boosters (SHO, LPB-1, Rangemaster), and fuzzes (Axis Face Si, Bonamassa FF, Tonebender/Supa Fuzz). 

This blog will document my quest in becoming a better solder jockey and produce neater, cleaner and better pedals, and maybe serve as a warning (ha!) or even help for the beginning to intermediate DIYer that wants to get into building pedals himself.

1 comment:

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